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Note: Elizabeth does not provide investment advice. She’ll show you how to choose the perfect financial advisor.


Dear Friends, Is financial jealousy just a normal part of everyday living? Don’t believe the lie! Jealousy is a sin virus that poses a significant financial risk to you. On a gut level, you’ve always felt it; that’s why you’re repelled when others display envy toward you. 8 SNEAKY SOURCES OF JEALOUSY The enemy of…

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7 Surprising Ways a Bad Mood Hurts You Financially

Dear Friends, Do you wish you could be more popular, expand your influence, improve your health, please your Lord, empower your decisions, invite more fun in your day, and more rest in your night? A wise step is to deliberately choose to be cheerful around money. “Wait,” you protest. “I don’t choose my money moods. I only…

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Five Ways to Stay Safe When Choosing a Financial Advisor

Dear Friends, Do you know the DIY ethic? It promotes that anyone is capable of performing a variety of tasks rather than relying on paid specialists. Thanks, Wikipedia. Are you using a DIY formula to build wealth? That’s downright dangerous. If something goes wrong with managing money, it might impoverish you. You might be unable…

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Are You a Financial Grown-up? You’ll Want to Be!

Dear Friends, My favorite thing about childhood was the grown-ups paid for everything. The bad part was the grown-ups chose everything. Our financial dilemma is this: Naturally, we want to make our own choices. But to make our own choices, we have to make our own way. Here’s where it gets tricky.   Sometimes, financial adulthood resists us. Other times, we resist it. Example #1.…

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Are You Looking For Money In All The Wrong Places? Or The Right Places?

Dear Friends, Gulp! Imagine your happiness and excitement on that life-changing day when your dream of a lifetime presents itself as an opportunity right at your doorstep! It might be a house in your dream neighborhood that lists at a foreclosure price. That’s what happened to us. Or it might be a vacation property you…

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Marketing 101: What Are They Really Selling You?

Dear Friends, That first moment we open a new purchase is always so exciting! Why does our happiness have to fade so quickly? Or even at all? I think I know why… Most products are advertised with an implicit promise being made to us. It’s an extra promise hidden within the advertising and not even…

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Our Mommy, Our Money

Dear friend, I never thought I’d produce a podcast episode called “Our Mommy, Our Money.” Yet it just may be our most powerful episode yet. For so many of us, this is a very sensitive topic, rarely discussed. I hope I can help. I want to try. If you listen to only one podcast, may…

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Are you settling for less than God’s highest financial provision?

Dear friend, Are you settling for less than God’s highest ordained financial provision? But why? We can never get more than the Lord ordains. But we can get a whole lot less if we’re not careful. This week’s Caring Advisor Podcast examines 21 unexpected ways we hurt ourselves financially. You’ll be amazed how a simple shift in…

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LISTENING: Who is safe to listen to about money?

Dear friends, Everyone knows what you should do with your money. Except they don’t. Do you feel pressured to believe their version of financial truth, receive their insistent instructions, or accept their unwelcome advice? Just because they appear to have more money, stature, or influence than you? What can you do about that? This week’s episode…

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God’s Rescue for Our Anger

Dear Friend, This week’s podcast theme is FINANCIAL ANGER. Have you noticed how holidays seem to stir the anger pot? Everything is humming along so well. Then someone says a cruel or hurtful word to you. They disappoint you. Or neglect to include you.  Are you angry? If so, the enemy of your soul is…

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