Our Mommy, Our Money

Dear friend,

I never thought I’d produce a podcast episode called “Our Mommy, Our Money.” Yet it just may be our most powerful episode yet. For so many of us, this is a very sensitive topic, rarely discussed.

I hope I can help. I want to try. If you listen to only one podcast, may it be this one!

How would you describe your money management?

Are you reflexive? Or reactive?

Your dear mother may have taught you wonderful skills–or unwittingly passed down to you generational financial wounds.

No matter what type of financial mommy you had, we will seek to honor her as we…

…close the gaps

…heal the hurts

…and put God at the center of our finances.


Don’t allow unresolved wounds to express themselves through your relationship with money. Let’s close the financial “mom gap” for good. Let’s love her as God does.

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Enjoy with my blessings and warmest wishes,

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