Marketing 101: What Are They Really Selling You?

Dear Friends,

That first moment we open a new purchase is always so exciting! Why does our happiness have to fade so quickly? Or even at all? I think I know why…

Most products are advertised with an implicit promise being made to us. It’s an extra promise hidden within the advertising and not even related to the product. The promise might be anything. Maybe the model in the ad is fit and fabulous, successful and rich, adored by their spouse, happy and free, or… fill-in-the-blank of whatever you deeply desire.

Believe me, they know what you want.

When we buy the product, we—unconsciously, of course—are purchasing its hidden promise.

Those first days of product ownership are full of hope and excitement. We don’t say a word. But we know our new and improved life is on the way! Then reality sinks in: nothing about our life has changed.

Hope dims more each day until gradually, it dawns on us that the promise was not included in the package. 

We are disappointed.


This isn’t what we’d hoped for.  

So, what do we do? We search for something else to buy. We search for another promise.

And that, dear friends, is how smart people like you and I make the same buying mistakes again and again.

Don’t grow disillusioned. Let’s grow savvy instead.

This week, on The Caring Advisor Podcast, I demonstrate how to deconstruct marketing techniques being used on you, so you can learn to separate the product from the promise.

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Enjoy with my blessings and warmest regards,

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