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Note: Elizabeth does not provide investment advice. She’ll show you how to choose the perfect financial advisor.

How to Live The Life You Want

Dear Friend, Do you feel suffocated by an uninspiring lifestyle? Trapped by the trappings of wealth? Are you tired of submitting to a financial routine you’ve since outgrown? Do you fear it’s too late to break free? Or that you’d risk keeping your family intact? This week’s podcast episode will inspire you if you feel…

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WHY I started this ministry…

Dear Friend, As a financial advisor, I loved my work. But my heart was perpetually distracted by a glaring gap that my profession was not designed to address: how undigested life disappointments express themselves in one’s relationship with money. Unhealed emotional and spiritual wounds have an infuriating capacity to lessen—or even destroy—our capacity to attain…

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Why are some people accidentally wealthy?

Dear friend, Do you know an ordinary person who is wealthy seemingly by accident?  Without even an impressive resume, dream job, or extraordinary talent? People like these are sometimes an unfortunate mirror, reflecting an unflattering image of our own less-than lives. We’re not jealous. We do want God’s best for them. We’re not greedy. We’re…

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WORRY—Why God wants you to STOP

Dear friend, Can a world-class worrier choose to stop worrying? Is WORRY a hook trapping you into financial unhappiness? I can’t wait to show you some surprising risks of worry—and how to extract yourself from its life-sucking grip. My heart was always moved by clients wrestling with the monster of worry because I, too, was…

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Do You Want To Change Your Financial Destiny?

Dear friends, Ever since childhood, I’ve watched many smart grown-ups fall into accidental poverty. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion…seemingly minor financial misjudgments today that cause catastrophic ruin later. I find it almost unbearable when I see it coming. And I don’t want to see it coming to you. That’s why I’ve…

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5 Ways To Think About Money in 2023

Dear Friends, Many financial resolutions fall apart even before the last Christmas decorations are put away. But yours doesn’t have to. Try these five proven ways to boost your chance of success in 2023: Think small, not big. Many goals fail, not for lack of commitment, but for lack of viability. They are just too…

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