Are You a Financial Grown-up? You’ll Want to Be!

Dear Friends,

My favorite thing about childhood was the grown-ups paid for everything.

The bad part was the grown-ups chose everything.

Our financial dilemma is this:

Naturally, we want to make our own choices.

But to make our own choices, we have to make our own way. Here’s where it gets tricky.


Sometimes, financial adulthood resists us.

Other times, we resist it.

Example #1. A person who cheerfully fell off his bicycle many times as a child, falls again as an adult when taking a professional exam, starting a business, or practicing in a career. But he is unwilling to get up and try again. Instead, he surrenders to a lower professional or financial tier than is necessary.

Example #2. A survivor of childhood poverty refuses to comprehend that she possesses the wherewithal to change the course of her family tree. Instead, she needlessly invites the government to take charge of her finances.

Example #3. An offspring of a high-achieving parent shrinks back from the marketplace, not daring to be tested or risk being deemed unworthy of success. Instead, they hide behind a veneer of excuses to protect themselves from the risk of an unwanted verdict.

These are wonderful and worthy people whose instinctive reactions make them feel safe. But they are not safe at all.

Because when other people pay for you, other people choose for you.

Do you think God wants that for your life? If not, never allow yourself to be scared. Or to hide. Make a new plan to be courageous in the face of financial fear or setbacks.

If you got fired, try again. If your business fails, start over. If your life is a financial mess, take the next trusting step. If you’re in school, stay there.

On the other side of financial fear is a whole lot of wonderful.

Pay-offs for financial grown-ups have a wide reach. They are Financial. Relational. Emotional. And Spiritual.

  • Authentic satisfaction and confidence in one’s ability to cope.
  • The joy of being entrusted and respected.
  • The excitement of meaningful responsibilities.
  • The relief of fresh and endless opportunities sent to you by the LORD after failures.
  • The heady rush of partnering with God, to be His boots on the ground.

So…are you a financial grown-up? How can you know? Check out this week’s Caring Advisor Podcast for ten unexpected ways to KNOW for sure. Use it as a diagnostic tool. Share as needed.

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May you dare to grow into the wonderful person God made you to be.

Enjoy with my blessings and love, 

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