Dear Friends,

Is financial jealousy just a normal part of everyday living? Don’t believe the lie!

Jealousy is a sin virus that poses a significant financial risk to you. On a gut level, you’ve always felt it; that’s why you’re repelled when others display envy toward you.


  1. The enemy of your soul. He is always at work to derail us from God’s financial path. He incites us to jealousy, to divert our eyes from forward-looking faith to sideways-looking resentment. Take every thought captive. See 2 Corinthians 10:4-5. Memorize it.
  2. Our culture. Society invites it. Stimulates it. Approves it. And uses it to sway and tempt us. See Romans 12:2.
  3. A soul that is never satisfied. King Solomon said it plainly: No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. See Ecclesiastes 1:8. For a happy life, choose contentment and gratitude. See 1 Timothy 6:6.
  4. We forget to guard our affections. More dangerous than an off-leash dog running freely in traffic is our soul running freely in society’s traffic without carefully guarding our affections. See Proverbs 4:23.
  5. We’re not savvy in reading advertisements. Marketers know this about us, so they twist the truth to stimulate baseless desires for their products. See Matthew 10:16. Check out my recent blog and podcast, Marketing 101: What Are They Really Selling You?
  6. We seek advice from the wrong people whose financial guidance is spiritually harmful. Do not indiscriminately accept advice at face value just because you’ve been told someone is an “expert.” Weigh all counsel against scripture. See Hebrews 4:12.
  7. We gaze excessively… at trinkets, toys, and treasures in stores and on the internet, which does not stimulate pleasure—but only want. An increasingly consumptive lifestyle is not for you; it’s for fools without hope. King Solomon warned us centuries before the internet to be wary of all the pretty things being offered in this world. We need to shut our eyes to excess and open our eyes to the poor. See Ecclesiastes 1:8.
  8. We misunderstand what God says about money. The Bible offers over 2,000 references to money, to teach us how to earn, save, invest, give, and grow. It’s all in there. I can help you. Subscribe to my website, elizabethbrickman.com. I’ll send you weekly letters of biblical insight and encouragement.


I have much more to say about financial jealousy—and I did, on this week’s episode of THE CARING ADVISOR PODCAST.

You’ll discover…

  • the real reasons people are unfairly jealous of you
  • what secretly tempts you to be financially jealous of another (Hint: it’s not about money)
  • 10 financial risks caused by jealousy (don’t miss this!)
  • excellent anti-jealousy scriptures to strengthen and support you

If you’re new to podcasting, it’s easy to listen from my website on the podcast tab. Don’t miss it.

With warmest regards and blessings on this beautiful week,

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