Are you settling for less than God’s highest financial provision?

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Are you settling for less than God’s highest ordained financial provision? But why? We can never get more than the Lord ordains. But we can get a whole lot less if we’re not careful.

This week’s Caring Advisor Podcast examines 21 unexpected ways we hurt ourselves financially.

You’ll be amazed how a simple shift in outlook or approach can positively affect your finances. This week’s episode is a 15-minute diagnostic tool. Once you discover what’s been holding you back, you can take quick action to fix it. Many tips only require the barest change of attitude. This is one episode you won’t want to miss!

The Caring Advisor Podcast offers weekly, 15-minute personal conversations to upgrade and empower your financial life in Christ.

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April 26. Are you hurting yourself financially? 21 ways we settle for less.

May 4. Our Mommy, our Money

May 10. How old are you financially?

May 17. Looking for money in all the wrong places?

May 24. Marketing 101: What are they really selling you?

May 31. What do financial advisors do? Interview with Jane Cruickshanks.


Feb. 25. Six surprising attributes of Generous Givers

March 8. Six unusual assets to carefully guard

March 15. Worry: the financial emotion you used to feel

March 22. Why are some people accidentally wealthy

March 29. Real questions, real answers

April 5. Dare to live your dream, interview with Robin Joss

April 12. Anger: how to receive God’s rescue

April 19. Listening: who is safe to listen to about money?

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