7 Surprising Ways a Bad Mood Hurts You Financially

Dear Friends,

Do you wish you could be more popular, expand your influence, improve your health, please your Lord, empower your decisions, invite more fun in your day, and more rest in your night?

A wise step is to deliberately choose to be cheerful around money.

“Wait,” you protest. “I don’t choose my money moods. I only react to my financial situation. Anyone with lots of money can afford to be in a good mood. But when I don’t have enough, naturally, I’m in a bad mood.”  

But actually, that’s not true.

Over 25 years in financial services, I met with more than a few clients who had more money than they would ever need–yet were persistently glum about money.

I also had several clients who didn’t have enough money (and who, without the Lord’s intervention, would never have enough), yet whose financial disposition remained persistently cheerful.

Financial cheer is a choice you can make for a better life.

Do you want to live in financial happiness? No matter your circumstance, I urge you to reach for the highest, most cheerful money mood possible. Because…

A bad mood won’t increase your money—

but it will increase your sorrow–and your financial risk.

Here are seven desires we cannot attain via a bad money mood. A bad mood…


1.     …won’t resolve financial problems faster.

A bad mood won’t make our bills smaller, lessen our risks, or provide us with financial shelter.


2.     …won’t increase our confidence or skill.

A bad mood is not an empowering attitude.


3.     …won’t make today worthwhile. 

The hours of this day are a precious gift from God. A wasted day is a sorrowful day. Some people waste their entire lives indulging in a bad mood. You can probably get more money, but you can never get back the precious gift of today. See Psalm 139:16.


4.     …won’t make us popular with those whose support we need.

Money moodiness sours relationships and spoils opportunities. It uninvites support from those who might otherwise teach, introduce, guide, or empower us toward more. Who wants to be around—or be an employee or client–of someone who’s often in a bad mood? Do we think we’re hiding our mood? We’re not.


5.     …won’t please God.

Ask the Israelites in the desert: God abhors thanklessness and grumbling. When in distress, we need His help, not His anger. He invites us to ask, to present our requests to Him with thanksgiving. See Philippians 4:6.


6.     …won’t change the outcome.

Moods do not prove we’re serious about making financial change.


7.     …won’t enhance our health.

Headaches, stomach aches, clenched jaw, digestive issues, and other unpleasant maladies are the uninvited “plus one” accompanying our bad moods.


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With warmest regards and prayers for your financial blessing in Christ,

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