Elizabeth is a popular speaker with a lighthearted and caring communication style. Leading with love, she provides biblically based, actionable solutions to help audiences experience financial breakthroughs, attain goals, and confidently live out their very best lives.

Elizabeth’s national speaking experience includes business groups, ministry events, church events, groups, clubs, seminars, retreats, all-day classes, break-out sessions, and main-stage/keynote events.

Engaging, fun, and approachable, she teaches audiences how to crystallize their thinking, harness inner resources, and release Christ’s power for life’s noblest pursuits.

Elizabeth is ready to inspire your church, business, club, or group. Ask her to customize your ministry event, seminar, retreat, break-out session, or keynote.


South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary - November 21


Live the Life Marriage Ministry - January 17

Prism Collective Ministries - February 7


Palm Beach Ladies Fellowship - April 11

Covenant Living of South Florida - May 1


What People Say About Elizabeth

“Elizabeth Brickman is an engaging motivational speaker for all size groups.  Elizabeth has spoken to twelve hundred at our ladies convention and to groups as little as one hundred at our seminars. She generated so much excitement that we have continually worked to make sure she fits us into her speaking schedule. This is a speaker people want to hear from.”

- Dr. Bob Barnes, President, Sheridan House Family Ministries, Davie, FL

“A marvelous speaker.  She presented a two-hour seminar to 40 mostly retired professionals. Her insight, her grasp of life issues, her ability to communicate, her understanding of her audience, and her presentation style, all made her an overwhelming success. Her love of what she does is clearly evident.”

- Trisha Roellke, Meeting Coordinator, Center for Life Enrichment, Highlands, NC

“Thank you so very much for the great presentation you gave to our group. I was thrilled by how much our ladies enjoyed you. What a beautiful job you did, and it was so spiritual. How wonderful it was to have such a special speaker!”

- Lois Pugh, President, Women’s Ministries, Covenant Village, Plantation, FL

“Elizabeth is a very captivating and motivating speaker with a great ability to connect with the needs of her audience! She gave a six- hour seminar to our group of self-employed, women entrepreneurs. I think we all came away with much more than we expected.”

- Judy Aguilar-Woertz, ChFC, CASL, RICP, Meeting Chairperson, Tempe, AZ  

Speaking Topics

Topics can be tailored for a keynote address, conference, seminar, lunch & learn, class series, or retreat. Ask about customized topics.

  • Financial Life Skills for Non-Financial Christians
  • How to Make Wise Financial Decisions
  • Financial Red Flags Before You Marry
  • How to Live Happily Ever After with your Financial Opposite
  • Why Smart People make Poor Financial Decisions
  • Heal your Past, Transform your Financial Future
  • OUCH! Our Financial Wounds and How to Heal Them
  • God’s Financial Therapy for Our Financial Wounds
  • Your History is Not Your Destiny: Rewrite Your Financial Story
  • God’s Financial Help, Your Co-operation
  • Thirty Days to a Lifetime Financial Transformation
  • 5-minute Financial Planning from the Bible
  • New Hope from Ancient Financial Wisdom
  • Wise Decisions that Bring Financial Happiness
  • Secrets of Financial Confidence
  • Secrets of Financial Contentment
  • Secrets of Financially Happy Christians
  • How not to Commit Financial Suicide