Are You Looking For Money In All The Wrong Places? Or The Right Places?

Dear Friends,

Gulp! Imagine your happiness and excitement on that life-changing day when your dream of a lifetime presents itself as an opportunity right at your doorstep!

It might be a house in your dream neighborhood that lists at a foreclosure price. That’s what happened to us. Or it might be a vacation property you believed was beyond your reach, but God suddenly opened a possibility! (Can you tell I love real estate?)

Or maybe your big day will be a not-so-happy emergency… to stop a financial hemorrhage, save an asset—or save a life. We’ve had those days, too.

On big days, we need to put our hands on money—right now.

Where will you look for the money you need?

Remember the old country & western song, “Looking for love in all the wrong places?” That’s what many of us do with money.

We look in all the wrong places.

The result is a piling on of new problems, sometimes with scary consequences. Wrong sources of money have the unfortunate capacity to destroy our happiness, our finances, and possibly our lives.

Hopes crushed.

Hearts broken.

Spirits dashed.

What will you do on that wonderful–or dreadful– day when there isn’t enough time to figure it out or think it through?

Let’s plan right now, in advance, how to look for money in all the right places. Let’s protect your chance to live in the fullness–and safety—of your very best life in Christ.

This week’s episode of The Caring Advisor Podcast is:

Are You Looking for Money in

All The Wrong Places? Or the Right Places?

It describes 12 places we commonly look for money:

Six of them will support your dream and build your life.

The other six might destroy it.

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I want to help you be ready for all the big days in your life. And I pray they will be wonderful.

Enjoy with my warmest blessings and regards,

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