5 Ways To Think About Money in 2023

Dear Friends,

Many financial resolutions fall apart even before the last Christmas decorations are put away.

But yours doesn’t have to.

Try these five proven ways to boost your chance of success in 2023:

Think small, not big.

Many goals fail, not for lack of commitment, but for lack of viability. They are just too large to be realistic in a short timeframe.

However, small financial steps are rarely disrupted.

Set small goals you can achieve. Try for a slight but steady increase in your 2023 saving and giving plan. Your outcome may be surprisingly large at year-end, while your effort felt mercifully small.

Think trustfully, not fearfully.

Sometimes, we make poor financial choices for no other reason than fear.

God holds the future in His big hands. If we can trust him with our souls, we can trust him with our financial needs. This means it is always safe to do the right thing, even when we do not yet see the outcome.

Think like a child – a child of the living God.

Many of us have grown up in every way, except how we handle money.  Financial immaturity holds us down and keeps us from being entrusted with more. As you seek to “grow up in all things to Christ,” focus on interacting with money God’s way. Seek out His financial instructions in the Bible. The Book of Proverbs is loaded with financial hints.

We are not children without hope – we are only children without a biblical financial education. This can be quickly remedied.

Think of financial fidelity as an ongoing activity, not a seasonal activity.

God expects us to give generously to Kingdom causes in all seasons, not just at Christmastime or year’s end. Faithful giving is a model for our prosperous and lean seasons alike. 

Make this your year to commit to generosity no matter the present circumstance. That means in paydirt periods and painful periods, too.

If you are financially faithful as you endure a troublesome season of financial difficulty, you will experience a blossoming of faith, growth, and financial maturity. That’s when you’ll find yourself prepared to manage true wealth.

Think habit, not a one-time gesture.

Habit is the best financial friend you have. Establish a give some/save some habit for every source of income you receive in 2023. Make it deliberate—and without deliberation. When your intention wanes, your habit will rush in to complete the promise for you.

Let’s make it a beautiful year together.

In His love,


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