How to Live The Life You Want

Dear Friend,

Do you feel suffocated by an uninspiring lifestyle? Trapped by the trappings of wealth? Are you tired of submitting to a financial routine you’ve since outgrown? Do you fear it’s too late to break free? Or that you’d risk keeping your family intact?

This week’s podcast episode will inspire you if you feel stuck—or risk feeling so in the future. I recommend you save it.

Meet Robin, who, with her husband Dan, fearlessly confronted—and tamed—a posh, runaway lifestyle dragging them down.

It would have been easier for them, of course, to tune out the dissonance. But living the good life wasn’t feeling very good for this family.

They hadn’t lost their way. They’d lost their why.

So, they made a bold (crazy?) lifestyle change. Years passed, and I watched with concern. It turned out that their plan wasn’t crazy at all. It was brilliant, and serves as a living, breathing template for all that is possible for you and me.

When we’re unhappy, we risk making rash decisions. We change jobs, houses, cities, and even relationships, to make the pain go away.

But if we don’t change the strategy of making our new decisions, we only repeat yesterday’s mistakes.

No wonder our new life soon feels as ill-fitting as the old one. And disturbingly similar to the life we thought we left behind.

There’s a better way, a safer way, to create the sweeping change you want:

Start with your values, and build everything else around them.

Robin’s formula is simple, direct, and surprisingly effective:

  1. INSIDE BEFORE OUTSIDE. Define inner values before you change outer circumstances. This takes deep thought, reflection, and prayer. Ask God to show you which values are being compromised by your current lifestyle. Generosity? Family? Worship? Rest?
  1. PRIORITIZE VALUES ABOVE EVERYTHING ELSE. Every single financial and lifestyle decision must be subject to the hierarchy of living out your clearly stated values. This makes a dreary life exciting. This makes an old life new again.

It wasn’t too late for Dan and Robin to achieve Financial Happiness.

And it’s not too late for you.

Do you have a friend or loved one who longs for a life change? Please forward this letter. And share The Caring Advisor Podcast; this week’s episode will help them get it right.

May God give us all the stubborn courage to live our values in Christ.

With love and blessings from your caring advisor,

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