WORRY—Why God wants you to STOP

Dear friend,

Can a world-class worrier choose to stop worrying? Is WORRY a hook trapping you into financial unhappiness? I can’t wait to show you some surprising risks of worry—and how to extract yourself from its life-sucking grip.

My heart was always moved by clients wrestling with the monster of worry because I, too, was a worrier most of my life.

The act of worry seemed to me a logical, responsible reaction to life’s lows. I used to suppose that not worrying was the same as not being responsible.

But I was wrong.

Then one day, about fifteen years ago, during an engrossing worry session, I felt God’s whisper interrupt my worrisome spirit. I suddenly realized uncomfortable truths about what worry is and is not.

Worry is not:

  • just me being me.
  • cute.
  • helping the situation.
  • pleasing God.

Worry is:

  • stalling my outcomes.
  • exacerbating my pain.
  • creating collateral risk.
  • displeasing to God.

When worry rears its ugly head, it stops us from enjoying or appreciating the funds God flows through our hands. It shuts down our thanks for His benefits, which are significant for all of us.

On that very day, I made a big decision to stop the sin of worry.

All went well for about two years. I began to enjoy life so much more. Then, my husband and I entered a disastrous cash flow period. Outwardly, it appeared our lifestyle was intact. But during that time, we lost a significant portion of our income and retirement. I had no idea how God might fix our situation—or if it was fixable at all. (This proves again that nobody knows what’s under anyone else’s financial hood.)

This painful circumstance forced me to practice my big decision not to worry. When confronted with a genuine reason to worry, I learned that worry is a choice.

The situation lasted ten years. Our finances were unbearably tight, but my mood and outlook were free. Free of worry.

Eventually, the Lord led us through a path and fixed our situation. But more importantly, He fixed me, so I didn’t have to waste a decade of my life stressed and miserable. Wouldn’t it have been awful to throw away ten years of life consumed with worry?

I’ve learned…

Worry does not help.

Worry does not fix.

Worry does not solve.

Worry does not create the change you need.

God does not want His beloved trapped in a state of worry.

Worry is an insult—to God.

But how on earth does one stop worrying? Some of us are quite skilled at it. How can you help a friend or loved one stop worrying?

Nagging won’t help. But I hope this week’s podcast episode will.

You won’t want to miss it.

And I hope you’ll share it.

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Enjoy with my blessings and warmest wishes,


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