WHY I started this ministry…

Dear Friend,

As a financial advisor, I loved my work. But my heart was perpetually distracted by a glaring gap that my profession was not designed to address: how undigested life disappointments express themselves in one’s relationship with money. Unhealed emotional and spiritual wounds have an infuriating capacity to lessen—or even destroy—our capacity to attain Financial Happiness.

Over twenty-five years, I was dismayed to see up close the pattern of how my clients’ unresolved money hurts and money wounds had the power to mutate and distort their financial identity, path, and ultimate destiny.

I deeply longed to cease my essential activities as a Financial Advisor and devote myself entirely to helping those clients process and overcome financial hurts, wounds, and spiritual financial confusion.

I knew that until they tenderly addressed those hidden, peripheral interferences, they’d never experience true Financial Happiness, no matter how much wealth they accumulated.

The professional activities of a Financial Advisor are… well, financial. But my clients’ financial blockages were spiritual and emotional. That was the pinpoint of need. That’s where my heart was arrested. That’s where I longed to work.

I’ve finally retired from active financial management. I praise God I can finally give freely and without cost the loving financial support I longed to provide for so many years.

  • I’ve written what I hope is a life-changing book to be published next year.
  • I produce The Caring Advisor Podcast, a weekly, 15-minute spiritual and financial boost.
  • I write loving personal letters to my website subscribers weekly.
  • I speak before many groups.

For this I know: by the time we enter adulthood, we’ve all been wounded and have learned to adapt to the slings and arrows of life—from its tiny nicks and bruises to the grievous, life-altering traumas of this age.

Adapting is good; it’s how we survive. But to adapt is to adjust oneself to different conditions. To adapt is to change, and the way we change is not always beneficial.

Money is an ever-present player in your life story. I want to gently lead you back to financial wholeness, confidence, and courage of your mind, heart, and especially your spirit.

Let’s close the gaps, heal the hurts, and put God at the center of your finances.

This week’s podcast will show you where to turn daily for real answers and faithful financial direction.

Let Him heal you and recenter you in holy, helpful financial truths that will make possible for you the financial happiness you thought was impossible.

May your mind, heart, and spirit be strengthened so you can get it right, please the Lord, fulfill your highest financial destiny, and experience authentic Financial Happiness.

Enjoy this week’s podcast with my blessings, and please share with your friends,

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