Why are some people accidentally wealthy?

Dear friend,

Do you know an ordinary person who is wealthy seemingly by accident?  Without even an impressive resume, dream job, or extraordinary talent? People like these are sometimes an unfortunate mirror, reflecting an unflattering image of our own less-than lives.

We’re not jealous. We do want God’s best for them.

We’re not greedy. We’re not asking them to share.

We’re just… a bit unsettled. Maybe secretly shamed. Why have they prospered while we’ve struggled? How do they manage their money so effectively?

What are we doing wrong? What are they doing right?

We want their secret. We hint, and we hedge. We ask polite questions, trying not to sound like investigative journalists.

Their response is baffling. Secret formula? They don’t know it.

But you will.

On this week’s episode of The Caring Advisor Podcast, I interview Dan Joss, a Financial Advisor friend who shares a fascinating study with us.

It turns out that the wealthy have certain habits that set them up for success.


Who knew?

Well, actually—God knew.

However secular, the winning habits revealed in this study are rooted in scripture!

Did you know the Bible is loaded with over two thousand scriptures that teach us how to manage money? How merciful that the CEO of the universe, who owns all the cattle on a thousand hills, offers us His wisdom so we can build strong financial lives for ourselves and our families. God’s timeless financial principles ring true in every generation, whether we know Him or not.

I listened with delight as Dan read through the everyday habits of the wealthy. The practices he described were invigorating, powerful—and spiritual.

I pondered and prayed, looking to discern a common thread among these wealthy people surveyed.

Finally, I found it.

They live with intention.

  • They live in the present vs. postponing their best efforts for a later day.
  • They design tomorrow by safeguarding today in their mind, health, spirit, work, and integrity.
  • They focus on reality—not internet fantasy.
  • Their lifestyle habits are decisive, systematic, and orderly. Not chaotic.
  • They devote time to connect with other people positively, deliberately, and beneficially.
  • They use the power of habit to resist the financially destructive temptations of our lesser nature.

This interview invites all of us to look at our old habits with a fresh outlook and to realize we can change any habit we wish.

Are your financial habits pleasing to God?

Are they worthy of you? 

Dear one, don’t live with shame. Live with intention.

Use the power of habit to your advantage.  

Your Father is a Financial Advisor. Seek His wisdom. Daily.

Live your best life in Himand for Him.

That’s my not-so-secret prayer for you on this beautiful day.

Enjoy this week’s podcast episode with my blessings and warmest wishes,

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