Oh, The Power Of Words!

Hello, dear friends,

This week, I received an extravagant gift from my husband. He took the time to write me a long love letter, a present worth more than anything money can buy. He knows that words are my love language.

The Bible tells us, Words kill, words give life.” See Proverbs 18:21.

Here are some of my favorite things about words:

Words last. They don’t wear out or break.

They’re never out of fashion, always in style.

They penetrate every part of a person: their mind, heart, and spirit.

They act quickly. They can create change in an instant.

They are stored safely in your heart. They take up no space. They need no insurance.

They are free. Such a generous gift that costs the giver nothing but intention.

They are healing, like medicine. You can repair a friendship wound with nothing more than words.

They are change agents that revive a breaking heart, lift a sagging spirit, or inspire a sudden turnaround.

How might you give the gift of your words?

  • If you have a kind thought, don’t be shy. Give the compliment. You’ll never know how dearly it was needed at that moment.
  • Write thank-you notes. Yes, I know they’re time-consuming. But they are a game changer if you want an advantage to succeed in your relationships.
  • If you feel words of joy—or lament—bubbling up inside you, share them with God. He longs for you to share your words with Him in prayer. If you have no words, read the Psalms. Pray David’s words.
  • Those you live with are hoping for your words. No one has ever been accused of being repetitive for saying, “I love you.”
  • If you feel angry, try to withhold your words; once spoken, they are forever. That’s the hardest part for Italian me, but we can do it!
  • Consider keeping a prayer journal. I’ve discovered that when I write to God, He writes me back by speaking directly into my heart…

I wish you a blessed and beautiful week. I’m grateful to be doing life with you.

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