What if there were a way to redeem our financial lives before God?

Dear Friend,

Have you ever felt financially insignificant?

Many of us look back over our lives with regret, wondering if we might have done better financially. We scourge our inner selves over every financial mistake we’ve made over a lifetime of earning. We condemn ourselves for wasted time, youthful detours, faulty decisions, and private financial misdemeanors. We’d do it differently, we tell God, if only we could do it over.

But we can’t do it over, so we try not to think about it, except at vulnerable moments when others speak of wealth.

What if there were a way to redeem our financial lives before God?

As I thought and prayed this week about financial significance, certain truths came to mind.

First, through Jesus Christ, God’s forgiveness also extends to our financial mistakes.

Rather than sink lower into our seats brooding about wealthy others, we can pray, receive God’s forgiveness for past financial errors, and move forward with new financial resolve.

But how?

Consider that all wealth originates with God. He owns it all.

Therefore, under God, we all own the same amount of wealth: zero.

So, what did He have in mind when He entrusted us with a portion of what is His?

Financial significance is not based on what we spend on ourselves or think we “own” but on what we invest in His kingdom.

Thankfully, it doesn’t matter whether our giving resources are large or small.

In His kingdom, the widow giving a few precious pennies ranks up there with the billionaire giving a few paltry million.

Wouldn’t you like to be on equal financial footing with the wealthiest person on planet Earth? It’s surprisingly simple.

Give what money you can to your local church and ministries. Humbly share with those who are trying and struggling in a way you are not.

Be God’s financial boots on the ground and use money to serve His initiatives.

Financial wellness will rise up and flood your very being with significance.

What’s your giving story? Please write to me, and I’ll answer you personally.

Let’s be financially significant together this week,

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