The Fastest Way to Find What’s Lost. Stop looking! Do This, Instead.

Dear Friends,

How do you go about searching for a missing item in your home?

I can pretty much destroy a room in 10 minutes. I can take apart a fully stocked cabinet in under 2 minutes flat if desperate. Closets fear me. Like a human shredding machine, I tear through my carefully maintained home when frantic to find something lost… my favorite anniversary earrings, passport, gift for the bride… Why, oh why, are they never there?

Over time, I’ve learned an odd little secret I hope will help you: The fastest way to find anything is to stop looking.

Isn’t it simpler to ask the One who knows the exact location of every item in the world? God knows precisely where everything in the world is stashed! It is only I who do not know. My frantic, nervous search does me no good unless He chooses to tell me.

First, I prayerfully surrender the item. “If you will, Lord, please may I have it back? If it’s in the wrong place, will you reposition it where I can find it? You own everything, and You can do anything. Nothing is hidden from or lost to You. Will You please cover my mistake? Please, Father, lead me to it.”

Then, I listen for the Holy Spirit. This is the fun part. Shhh… I’m listening now, intently, inwardly, in total spiritual trust and awe and relaxation. The Holy Spirit is quite capable of prompting me: my job is to quiet myself and listen for His answer. Hint: Hearing Him is easier if I’m already in a relationship with Him before my crisis.

In stillness, my creative mind meanders around my house with no particular spot in mind. I may feel an urge to check out a new hiding spot I hadn’t considered. Other times, my mind stubbornly returns to a closet or drawer I’ve already torn apart. My missing object is often there, wrapped in a different cover than I remembered or stuck between or beneath something I’d not initially thought to touch.

Almost every item I’ve impulsively hidden–and promptly forgotten–has been found. Each feels like a new gift, given to me again because I am His beloved. My recovered treasure seems more precious because I know my generous Lord has been in on the find.

Sometimes, it has taken a little more time… or prayer. I still haven’t found Grandma’s world-class apple pie recipe. But I’ve stopped looking. I’ve surrendered the recipe to God in prayer. And I’m listening for His whisper.

Do you have a lost and found story? Or an apple pie recipe? Please share it!

Have a wonderful week, and try not to lose anything!

Warmest regards and blessings,

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