20 Reasons I Pray

20 Reasons I Pray…


  1. Prayer makes me feel more loved and known by God.


  1. Prayer gives me hope. And gives me a reason to hope.


  1. Prayer lets me hear God’s Voice.


  1. Prayer recalibrates my anxious heart.


  1. Prayer is a form of therapy for the malady of “humanity.”


  1. Prayer is intimate. Up close. Very personal.


  1. Prayer cleans out dusty old drawers of forgotten sin.


  1. Prayer awakens. It’s the world’s best wake-up call.


  1. Prayer settles spiritual indigestion. It’s Alka-Seltzer for the soul.


  1. Some mornings, I am not hungry for prayer – until I start “tasting” it. Yum.


  1. A day without prayer feels robotic. Noisy. Headachy.


  1. Three days without prayer causes distress similar to “low spiritual blood sugar.”


  1. A week without prayer is like living in a spiritual coma.


  1. Prayer makes confidential connections with others. It stamps out loneliness. Or the threat of it.


  1. Prayer is fertilizer to help me plant God’s love in my heart. My love grows for anyone I pray for.


  1. Prayer is being given privileged access to have private conversations with Someone Very Important.


  1. Prayer makes my secret yearnings and misunderstood intentions tenderly understood by my Perfect Father.


  1. Prayer is a mountaintop experience—for non-athletes.


  1. Prayer is a sacred trust. Sometimes, prayer trust is shared by or with trusted others. Other times, that sacred trust is a secret – shhh – just between God and me.


  1. Prayer turns on a light that overpowers darkness. If enough of us pray, we can light up a whole country. If enough of us pray, we can light the whole earth.


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