HONORABLE WEALTH– 3 Ways to Know if You’re On the Right Track

Dear Friend,

I’ve been thinking about the beautiful word “honor” as it applies to our finances. How can you know if you’re on the right track?

Our clues this week come from, of all places, the dictionary!

Merriam-Webster describes the word “honorable” as:

  • Deserving of respect or high regard
  • Performed or accompanied with marks of honor or respect.
  • Consistent with a reputation that is not tarnished or sullied.
  • Characterized by integrity; guided by a keen sense of duty and ethical conduct.


You know you’re on the right track if… you interact with money in a way that causes respect and high regard—to the Christian faith you proclaim and when your financial choices and reactions are congruent with biblical teaching. Bonus: If a stranger observes you and wonders about your courage—and maybe even asks you to explain the hope that is within you.

You know you’re on the right track if… you guard your reputation by being financially pure and unsullied by selfishness, carelessness, or godlessness. When a recurring thread of fairness and honesty is embedded within your financial transactions. Bonus: If your financial records are accidentally exposed to someone, they can find no losers or winners among your transactions, only fair and impartial dealings.

You know you’re on the right track if… you earn, save, and give with a keen sense of duty toward God and not just toward self. When you acknowledge that it is He who has given you this opportunity to produce wealth. And when you make generosity your calling card. Bonus: If the person who knows you best is asked to describe you financially, and the word “integrity” is on their lips.


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And please know this: if you’re reading this letter, I know you’re on the right track!

May you have a profitable and honorable week!

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