Financial Loneliness: 3 safe conversations when you need to talk.

Dear Friends,

Shhh… Money is a private subject. No talking, please! Does all that privacy make you feel a little lonely? What can you safely do about it?

You’re wise to stay financially private and cautious. Last week, my credit card number was stolen. Again.

But what about when you’re in one of those decision-making times, those in-between times? When you want to…

…talk it out.

…pray it out.

…think aloud together.

…lament financial unfairness.

…or rejoice in financial victories.

Actually, there are three trusted persons you can engage with for safe, Christ-centered financial conversation. And all three are waiting to talk with you about money: 


A Christian financial advisor.

And me.

Above all, start a conversation with God about money:

You talk first. He will listen. Tell the Lord what’s pressing on your mind (making your requests known, with thanksgiving). And then… give Him his turn to talk to you—through His Word. The Bible offers over 2,000 references to money. The Book of Proverbs makes an excellent addition to your devotional library to help you grow wise and profitable in about five minutes daily. Years ago, the Book of Proverbs changed my financial life. God wants to talk with you about money throughout His Word.

Next, start a conversation with a financial advisor:

Yes, I know—you’ve just been so busy. But… I suspect there’s another reason you haven’t called them.

Just as you don’t need to feel shame to tell a doctor you have a sore throat, you don’t need to feel shame to tell a financial advisor you have sore finances. Have you messed up? The financial “doctor” can help.

If you need advice and cannot engage as a regular client, ask if you can pay for a one-hour consultation. The most intelligent people seek the most counsel.

If your financial advisor isn’t someone you feel comfortable sharing your financial feelings with, perhaps they’re not the right fit for you. Seek someone else.

A core element of an advisor’s job—and for most of them, their heartfelt calling—is to be there, with you and for you, in good times and bad, to be the trusted person you can’t wait to talk to in every financial season.

I’d like to invite you to start a conversation with me by writing to me if you like.

I can’t explain why, but though I’m retired from finance, God has given me a heart for your finances. I care about your spiritual alignment with money and your financial happiness. I want to be one of those who pray for your financial miracle, coach you to build financial muscle, and celebrate your financial victories.

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No need to stay locked in your financial closet anymore! Now is your time to start a financial conversation with God, a financial advisor, and me.

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