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3 SECRET MONEY BELIEFS: What keeps good-hearted Christians from giving financially?

3 Unspoken Beliefs about Money    “Our money belongs to us.” “There won’t be enough.” “Giving is optional.”   Let’s take a quick look behind the curtain of these well intended, but defective beliefs that hold so many of us back from God’s blessing and bounty:     1.“Our money belongs to us.”   Actually, it doesn’t. […]
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The ONE ADVENTURE you don’t want to miss!

Getting Out of Credit Card Debt

BETTER THAN A RUNNER’S HIGH…  There are many kinds of adventures. Some involve mountains or oceans or sky. Some are about height or speed. Some are quite costly or dangerous. Others require a high fitness level or specialized expertise. Why do we do them? Because ultimately, they strengthen us. Awaken us. Affirm us. Even if, […]
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“How can I teach my child about finances?” Here’s the surprising answer…

Teach your child about money

Parents ask me, “How can I help my child financially succeed?” Begin by teaching your child how to give and save. Start at the earliest possible age. A toddler is not too young. Your child can learn about generosity and financial self-discipline before he is old enough even to spell the words! Let’s say your […]
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