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Elizabeth BrickmanElizabeth Brickman

Author and Speaker

 I am a Christian S.E.A.L. — a strategist, encourager, ambassador, and leader.

I am a Certified Kingdom Advisor and Registered Life Planner, who founded and managed a national financial advisory firm for 25 years.

But I was infinitely more interested in Life Management. 

I write and speak about the break-through strategies I developed to help me overcome personal obstacles, shortcomings and sorrows.

As a child, my family had been rich and then lost it all.  So I developed biblically inspired strategies to help others create and sustain financial stability. 

As a teenager (and most of my adult life), I wrestled incessantly with overweight, until I developed a godly strategy that joyfully eliminated all the extra weight. 

As a young woman, I felt un-beautiful and un-loved.  Until I designed strategies to feel more loved and to be more beautiful.

As an early entrepreneur in service businesses, I struggled mightily to keep my business head above water.  Then I designed strategies to do business profitably and serve well.

Once I became a successful, well-established business owner, I lost all relaxation at home.  Lacking sufficient time, energy, or desire, I grew discouraged and exhausted by the frustrating to-do’s of home management.  So I developed a break-through system to make my home-life feel like living in a five-star hotel.

I had a young marriage that failed.  So I developed strategies to make my next marriage (and choice of husband!) be wise and wonderful.

I became a “second wife”, and in that marital model, I felt adrift from my Christian identity.  And then I discovered a redemptive new identity as a Noble Second Wife.

I have struggled, and by the grace and inspiration of God, I have grown and learned. My vision is to offer destiny-changing strategies, along with loving, God-whispered encouragement to lift your life to a higher level still.

Outrageously blessed, I will not leave my sisters behind.

Vanessa Delgado

Vanessa Valderrama Delgado

Trusted Administrator

“I graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a minor in Marketing in 2007, while working at the Brickman office.  After four wonderful years as part of the Brickman team, I left to begin my career as a proud engineer, and soon married my sweetheart.  Three blessed years later, we welcomed our first baby, and about a year later, our second.  It was then I felt God’s powerful call to redirect my life in order to focus more precious time with my family.  I reunited with the Brickman family, this time with a new and different vision as part of The Trusted Author Team.”

From Elizabeth:  We affectionately call her “Little Vanessa”, for her petite frame that is packed with brain-power.  Vanessa’s personal and professional attributes, skills, and reputation are significant, and I am proud to have her participation and passion.   Vanessa lives a life of love, working from home, often with a toddler at her feet.  My business style is that diaper changes are classified as excusable interruptions.  Bravo, Vanessa!   Our readers are well served to have your assistance!