Why The Trusted Author

We all need it:  Creative, loving encouragement and trusted life strategy. These precious tools are gifts from God, empowering us to:

  • dare to reach upward to a worthy life-goal
  • uncover a latent dream
  • unlock our truest identity.

Perhaps in the past, we learned to dare not hope for these.  But we really can finally blast through persistent obstacles that have prevented us from living our very best and truest life.  It’s not too late.

For 25 years, I served a national clientele in financial services and learned a surprising secret:  that people of every financial status share the same craving for loving encouragement and smart life-strategy in which they might find freedom to dust off old dreams and give voice to new ones.  They crave a simple and trusted process to make wise decisions.  They long to rightly steer their lives toward authentic happiness and to use their God-gifts toward purpose and fulfillment.

ALL people need trusted life strategy.  Wise are those who seek it.

I created The Trusted Author™ and this website as my “official headquarters”, my “base camp” into which I deposit loving, empowering encouragement and smart life strategy on a variety of worthy issues.  You have one central place to go if you seek my particular brand of mentorship on the issues I address.  Please think of The Trusted Author as a kind of “strategic encouragement bank” from which you are invited to make many withdrawals.

My greatest source of joy and satisfaction is in wrapping clearly defined, step-by-step strategy around the gentle, loving truths from God’s word. 

 1 Peter 4:10