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How to cure Financial UNHAPPINESS

Does FINANCIAL UNHAPPINESS have you in its grip? Be cured!  Start today! You might be surprised at how many people, rich and poor, suffer unnecessarily from this chronic malady. Symptoms include… anxiety, tension, frustration, fear, indecision, sleeplessness, anger, bad moods, and even self-doubt. God has not called you to financial unhappiness. You can jump the […]
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“How can I teach my child about finances?” Here’s the surprising answer…

Teach your child about money

Parents ask me, “How can I help my child financially succeed?” Begin by teaching your child how to give and save. Start at the earliest possible age. A toddler is not too young. Your child can learn about generosity and financial self-discipline before he is old enough even to spell the words! Let’s say your […]
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