Rid Yourself of Toxic Diet Self-Talk

Anyone who has ever dieted has some toxic inner self-talk in their head. Until you stop shaming yourself, you will never be free.

You won’t ever be perfect. But you don’t have to be perfect — you are loved. You really can wrench yourself free… IF you first give yourself the love and self-forgiveness you so desperately crave. 

From now on, when you make a food-mistake (and you will), learn to be exaggeratedly gentle and loving with yourself, as tender as you would be to a little child. I now talk to myself as if I were in kindergarten! Very loving, forgiving, full of tenderness. Does it work? I’m 18 lbs thinner. It works.

Here is a meditative “statement of faith” copied from my prayer journal. Feel the sweetness and healing of these comforting, prayerful words. Let them wash over your troubled spirit, as you whisper them aloud…  

“(Your name), it is all right. You are all right. You cannot be someone else. But it is worthy and safe to be you. You cannot look like someone else. But it is lovely and safe to look like you. (Your name), you have been stamped, ‘Made by God’,  for His purposes. Made on purpose, not to be thrown away. Treasured by God for all the years of your life.” 

It’s time… I invite you to forgive yourself. Please do it today! How lovely will be your private ceremony of self-forgiveness in the sacred presence of God. Hasn’t your burden festered long enough? Let it out in trusting, broken prayer. You don’t need to read a prayer written by someone else ages ago. Children don’t come to their dad with eloquence. Kids don’t read other kids’ words when they speak to their father.

Just state your truths to Him — boldly, factually, reverently. Forgive yourself. And dare to ask His forgiveness, too. God loves you. He always did. Bring tissues…

After forgiveness comes grace: authentic grace, not the escapist, hiding-from-truth, I-got-away-with-it variety, but surging, truth-born liberation. Fresh-scrubbed newness. As an anti-aging remedy, this one can’t be beat. You will be unhindered. And you will begin to rid yourself of extra weight.