INVIGORATE YOUR PRAYER LIFE! 10 Unexpected Benefits of a Prayer Journal

Which of the following does prayer do for you?

Excite you? Enlighten you? Encourage you?

Is it worth 5 minutes per day to completely invigorate your prayer life? 

People ask why I so love to pray. Well, it would be less fun (and more chore) if not for my Prayer Journal!  

Written as letters to God, my prayer journal is a breathtaking scattering of thoughts, impulses, prayers, and musings that dot the days of my life. It serves as a precious record of the most important thoughts and emotions of my life.

Not a diary, not calendar-based or informational, it is filled only with simple insights from my conversations with God about how I feel and what I sense on any given day, in any given mood. 

My prayer journal provides something invaluable to my faith walk:  a permanent documentation of answered prayer throughout my life. And at times when the Lord’s answer was not what I’d hoped, it provides insight to spiritually grow.

If not for my Prayer Journal, I’d be less grateful. How quickly I forget His countless blessings, large and small. How many times has God winked at me throughout a situation? How often has He inspired me with hints, clues, warnings, and fresh awareness?  I smile now as I read those older journal entries filled with longing, dread, or fear. I laugh as I recall how He delivered me — sometimes above, sometimes right through the middle of a circumstance. I made it through! 


  1.  It builds your faith. You see how God moves life’s pieces into place to care for you. How just when you reach the end of yourself, He causes change.
  2. It draws you into a more intimate relationship with God, as you write from your heart to the lover of your soul. When you bare your soul, the intimacy of your connection increases. Love letters tend to sweetly increase the love you feel.
  3. It gives you a tangible witness and validates your testimony as to the exciting timing of miracles and God-events. This increases your courage.
  4. It documents your amazing growth.
  5. It is a safe friend to you when you are sorrowful or angry. Writing is a wonderful way to process and settle emotions in privacy. It gives you a much-needed opportunity to vent, to get it all out without risk of making it worse.
  6. Over time, it helps you see truths about yourself, as written by your own hand. You will know yourself better.
  7. It highlights patterns that may be very useful to you. You’ll realize your patterns of thought and reaction, patterns of relationship interaction with family and friends, and your patterns of coping. 
  8. It is nostalgic and sweet, just as your old photographs and precious memorabilia of times past. 
  9. It provides a memory for your busy mind of the constant blessings we easily forget.
  10. It makes your personal Bible study and prayer time truly come alive!

(Adapted from my book, Thin & Blessed, 10 Wise Decisions for Love, Power and Joy, copyright 2015, by Elizabeth Brickman, TheTrusted Author. Available at, Barnes & Noble, and