The ONE ADVENTURE you don’t want to miss!


There are many kinds of adventures. Some involve mountains or oceans or sky. Some are about height or speed. Some are quite costly or dangerous. Others require a high fitness level or specialized expertise. Why do we do them? Because ultimately, they strengthen us. Awaken us. Affirm us.

Even if, like me, you are not the “adventurous” type, there is truly one type adventure you do not want to miss – and thankfully, you don’t have to! If you merely desire this unique kind of adventure, you are automatically made healthy enough, able enough, young enough, skilled enough, and wealthy enough to do it – and do it well. 

The adventure is called GIVING – and it is truly a grand adventure.

Consider: there are 3 fascinating commonalities to all adventure. They always require you to:

  1. Take a risk.
  2. Reach deeply into yourself for strength and moral courage.
  3. Boldly face an uncertain outcome.

GIVING is a mountain-top adventure, refreshing as an ocean, exhilarating as the highest height. The very act of GIVING is a thrilling departure from the humdrum. It’s a tantalizing dare to self; a personal challenge to rise boldly above tired old grooves of “safe” financial mediocrity. Giving stimulates new, powerful self-awareness. And by necessity, God-awareness, too!

Yet, GIVING is the safest thrill you can ever experience. Think of it: You can’t fall. You can’t fail. You can’t age- out. The only thing in danger… is selfishness.

Giving doesn’t stretch you – it expands you. GIVING makes a small life bigger. It expands opportunities, amplifies influence, and opens access to new doors and new interests.

At the first moment of the gift, giving actually feels a little like skydiving. A financial free-fall into you-don’t-know-where. Then suddenly opens a parachute – the one you didn’t open, but God did.

What a thrill when the One who owns it all, catches you. The proud Father, pleased with his generous child. Affirmed and content, you’ve proven you really do have enough to share. No matter your financial condition, you experience an overpowering wave of financial wellness. And maybe even gratitude.

Generosity feeds your need for thrill. And generosity pleases God. Don’t miss it. Start today, start at any level, and ramp it up higher and higher, as you dare. The bigger the check, the bigger the thrill. The bigger the stretch, the bigger the rush. Offering your personal best produces a thrill that reawakens every cell in your body. 

Hurricane Harvey is our perfect opportunity to make a big difference in a lot of peoples lives this week.  Oh yes! A “runner’s high” is nothing compared to a GIVER’S high.

Do you dare?