Are you in a marriage? Or an experiment?

Is your marriage truly a marriage? Or is it an experiment? Without substantial evidence of getting it right, will you give up? Settle that question and carve the answer into marble. Diamonds may be forever, but many first, and sadly, even second marriages end needlessly in divorce. Make certain yours is not one of them. 

Why not save yourself the excruciating stress of divorce indecision? Affirm to God and to your spouse your unwavering commitment to share the rest of your life together. Set your will from the start to resist and withstand any storm. If you are 100% committed, you’ll be far more motivated to make yours a great one.  By mentally sealing that unfortunate, but trendy escape route named “divorce”, your fantastic imagination will have no place to invest its creativity except within the home you already have. When you specifically direct your imagination toward an unalterable outcome, new energy and inspiration is borne.  

Your commitment is required in advance.  Otherwise, every marital obstacle is seen as a threat, a foundational crack, a sign, or a clue of impending marital destruction.

Let no one dampen your commitment. Grant no person the right to discourage you. If you happen to be in a second marriage — for example, if you are a Noble Second Wife™ — you may sadly find one or more persons who hope your marriage is temporary. Who may not expect you to finish your lives together. Who may curse your marriage or even wish to damage it!  But their curse is meaningless.

“Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest.” Proverbs 26:2

Your unshakable commitment to your union, indirectly paves a path for others’ growing confidence. Gradually, even detractors begin to feel a grudging respect as they realize your commitment to each other is not a mood, nor a fad, but an unfailing lens through which you view your marriage.

Dear married one, stay alert! Have the will to finish — and don’t let anything or anyone stop you.  Stay in the game. No matter how difficult to stay, nor how tempting to exit, do not quit. Not ever. Never. Ever.