Is your LUNCH crushing your career? Or propelling you forward?

How to use LUNCH to get the life you (2)Is there an ever widening gulf between what you have and what you want?

Maybe that gulf has been widened by your daily lunch – your meaningless, ungratifying, robotic office lunch.

Good news! If lunch, for you, has been a poorly grooved rut that leaves you stuck-in-the-mud on a daily basis, you can change it.  Design your lunch to be an enthralling 60 minute daily booster shot to rocket launch you to your dreams.

Lunch is not the culprit. 
It’s the way you lunch that makes all the difference.

You can harness your daily lunch break into an exciting and effective tool to help you get more of what you want from your job and from your whole life. 

I’ve uncovered 5 hidden lunch strategies that changed my weight and changed my life. None are about what to eat — all are about how to think! These 5 strategies can change your life, too!

In future blogs, I’m going to share all of them. For today, let’s look at hidden lunch strategy #1:  


Lunch provides you a fabulous opportunity – right in the middle of your paid workday — to stretch and strengthen and reach toward your own personal and professional dreams. There is significant power-potential hidden in every element of your lunch break. If you haven’t been using lunch to your smart, strategic personal advantage, get ready to take charge and redefine it. Assign intentional purpose to your lunch, and you will invite a fresh, compounding power stream for new success in your life. 

Lunch is not the pleasure meal, it’s the power meal.

Before becoming THIN & BLESSED, I misused my daily opportunity of lunch in three career-crushing, dream-smashing ways. Please don’t do what I did:     

  1. Don’t misuse lunch food to tranquilize a problem at work. Lunch won’t fix it! And may very well worsen Mindless eating is for people who don’t use their big minds to conquer their big problems. Chewing conquers nothing. Thinking conquers a whole lot. Think with clarity about your particular work problem; then dive deeply into a wildly creative, strategic response. Food is not a strategic response to a work problem. Success at work and in life comes from carefully matching a solution to a problem.

    Even a kindergartner will tell you that a big fat lunch is not the solution to your job problem. 

    A much smarter strategy is to refuse the mental stagnation caused by stuffing yourself. Once you turn away from food as a pretend solution, you’ll be steered in the direction of your true workplace solution, one you likely haven’t considered before. Perhaps you need a different job – or a vastly different approach to the one you already have.

    If you submit to the lure of a heavy, fat-and-carbohydrate-laden lunch, you become regrettably dulled to opportunity as well as to pain. That big lunch leaves you weakened; powerless to change your state of mind from unhappy to happy.  The food briefly masks your pain – but not for very long.  By far, the worst thing a big, bad lunch does is prolong your suffering and delay your personal breakthrough. Carelessly stuffing food into your mouth detains you from pursuing – and finding – the true life-changing solution you really do need, and the tranquility you crave. When you take control over your lunch, you generate confidence — confidence that is very tranquilizing!      

  2. Don’t misuse lunch food to temporarily numb your regular work stress. Realistically, how effective is any numbing agent that works only while you are chewing it? Food as a coping strategy really is zero strategy — multiplied by hundreds of feckless calories and dozens of smirking fat grams that seek something they have no right to: a permanent home on your hips. If you recklessly overeat, you’ll recklessly drift to overweight – adding “pant size issues” to your frustrations.  Choose instead to stay alert in your pain, so you’ll be alert to miraculous opportunities and possibilities which whisk unexpectedly into a worker’s life. These possibilities are like butterflies: they light onto your shoulder but fly quickly away if unnoticed and uncaptured.  Numbing work stress, dear one, is simply not for you! 
  3. Don’t misuse lunch food to create midday joy and pleasure. This might be of some value if only your lunches were that great. But are your routine office lunches that joyous and pleasurable? Is your hastily eaten food so truly divine? No matter how tasty the cheeseburger and fries, the wrong food is unworthy of you. Maybe you dine at fine restaurants, and find it a pleasure to be served. But if you eat the wrong food for the wrong reason, you are not being well served at all. 

    Is your lunchtime conversation, exchanged with your regular daily lunch-mates, that joyously scintillating?  When you look back on your life, will the memory of those daily office lunches be recalled with deep pleasure and gratitude?  No, they will probably not be recalled at all. In a 30 year career, you might have more than 6,000 lunches.  Think of what 6,000 extra, well spent hours could do change your life!

If your lunch has been anything less than a wonderful catalyst for positive change in your career and your personal life, it could be. And should be. And must be — if you want to live your very best life. 

Thankfully, you can change it — right now. Get intentional about lunch and watch your power grow. Watch as you propel forward toward your dreams and goals. Think about what you want for your future, and wisely consider how lunch can dramatically support that future.  Redefine the meaning and purpose of lunch for your precious life. Redirect your lunch hour to align precisely with what matters most to you. 

Coming in my next blog… Strategy #2:  Love yourself at lunch!