How To Use Food To Get A Better Job – Part I


how to use food to get a better job

Do you want a promotion? A raise? More clients? Higher sales commissions? Or some other company advancement? Do you just wish you had a better job than the one you presently have?

Did you know that FOOD has power to propel or repel your future success?

Oh yes, it does. The clear-headed, focused, energetic worker has a huge advantage making professional leaps –even over other more talented but less focused competitors.  That means you have a solid chance to professionally advance beyond smarter, more skilled competitors if they are distracted by constant cravings and digestion of junk food, and you are not.

Snacking all day long and overeating at lunch may be the norm at your place of business. Others at your firm may function from craving to craving, but if you want to rise in your career, you must function from strength to well-fueled strength.  Eating for success must become such an ingrained habit that you do it when you are paying attention, and also when you are not. Know who you are.  And who you want to be. Proudly stand apart from the herd in the way you eat. Neither their food nor their destiny is what you want for your own career.  Choosing shrewdly is not intended to constrain you — but to empower you.

What if you don’t like your job — or even your present occupation?  

It’s excruciating to go to work every day at a job you don’t love. How alluring are the treats and foods that fill the stomach and temporarily dull your mind to the pain. Problem is, food-comfort isn’t real and doesn’t last. 10 minutes after eating cookies, you’re still stuck in the same job, and gradually develop a new problem: tight pants. Savvy up! Eating heavily at lunchtime and nibbling snack-food all day is not going to make you like your job any better! And will do absolutely nothing to speed you to a new and better job. 

For you, dear unhappy one, it is even more important to be at your very best as you interact with various clients and customers who might spot you as a star- in-the-making for their own company or department or business setting.  No one spots a sluggish person and declares, “Wow, I think I’ll offer them an opportunity at my firm!” No corporate supervisor is on the lookout for promising candidates on a sugar low (you thought it didn’t show?).  Aside from what heavy food and constant snacking does to your mental and physical energy, be aware that everyone you work with knows exactly how you eat. Those you work with know if you snack, and with what foodstuff, and how often. They often see what you eat for lunch, and how you approach your food. We don’t work in a vacuum. Everybody knows.

If unhappy, you have even more reason to maintain a keen, protein-infused mind so you can be extra alert to pick up subtle clues regarding outside employment opportunities. 

Work is where we go to trade our disciplined hours of effort for the spoils of success. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to show up equipped to make the biggest success possible? Dining well is a joy, and not one that you need to give up. But work is not the place to dine, feast, or nibble. Why not? Because, dear one, neither dining, feasting, or nibbling seem to pay anything! Not now, and not later on, either. At work, heavy eating is an investment in nowhere.   

So whether you like your job or not, your best work strategy is clear: crave success, not donuts!  Eschew the carb-crowd.  Your career dreams are more likely to come true if you are in the best mental, spiritual and physical shape you can be. 

The more effortless appears your high-standard performance, the more quickly and easily you will speed to greater success — inside or outside your present company. 

Do you know someone who is struggling with their job? Pass it on! Food can be used as a tool in their toolkit, to speed them onto the success they desire. 

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