Noble Second Wife: Do you ever feel judged?

Do you ever feel judged, condemned, or misunderstood because you are a Christian second wife?

There may be some around you who just don’t believe you and your husband should be given a chance to try again, to love again, to build a life again. These otherwise good people are bound up in human perfectionism. Mud-stuck in pride. Maybe they think God is a one-try-only kind of God — if they think of him at all.

Yet, ironically, A Christian second marriage is one of the most awe-inspiring demonstrations of God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness. Think of it! For a man or woman, once broken in sorrow, to be given a second chance to love and be loved… is that not the very definition of redemption?

Be heartened! God is with you and for you, Noble Second Wife! Your second marriage is powerful evidence to the world that God’s redemptive mercy truly can cover human brokenness. 

Your marriage reflects an undeserved blessing bestowed by a healing and forgiving God. Your union shines as a spiritual beacon, declaring that wholeness, once broken, can yet be restored, through Jesus Christ.

Through consecrated you, God will reveal His loving, forgiving nature to resistant others around you. So, no matter what happens, make every effort to remain composed and sure, GOD-fident in a broken world, through which you are a living example of His amazing grace.