Getting Out of Credit Card DebtDo you feel tightly bound, with no “wiggle room” to spend on what matters most to you? Are you generous of heart, but poor of discretionary funds?    Do you wish you could donate more money to church, ministry, and worthy causes?

There may be a dangerous enemy hiding in your financial household:    DEBT.

Marketers promote debt as an appealing option, a smart choice, a short-cut to happiness. As if debt can free you to have what you really want and to live well.

Nothing is further from the truth.

The function of debt is not to free you, but to enslave you. The Bible explains that to be in debt is to be enslaved to the lender – ensnared, as if in a net. (Proverbs 22:7)

If you have been caught in that net, you must work to free yourself.  Fight with everything you’ve got to untangle from the net that has captured your life, for it has the potential to destroy your happiness.   

Debt is an enemy that wrecks far more than finances. It attacks marriages, sleep, and peace. It absorbs your time and destroys focus. Debt is a saboteur, a threat to your future. Temptation to add more debt is a dangerous lure. Be wary. Avoid the net.

Debt beckons as if a friend. But debt is an enemy. A danger to be avoided. An attacker of wealth. A destroyer of peace. A wrecker of relationships. Committing to it is like joining a gang. Once you’re in, it’s tough to get out.

But you can do it. God will help, if you ask Him. It may not be fast or easy, but there is an unexpected pay-off: you will learn priceless lessons of how to create brand new prosperity for your life, from the inside out. I did. After debt made me poor, I learned how to be rich.

Not in debt? Stay alert! Don’t be an easy mark for unprincipled marketers who will shrewdly use psychology to make you believe a lie that your life will be happier if you buy their product. Truth: Their product will NOT feel more popular, you’ll feel more alone. You will NOT be more powerful, you will be weaker. You will NOT be freer, you will be more tightly bound.

Entrapped in debt?  Fight to get out as if your very life depended on it.  Sell your assets, arrange garage sales, take a second job, and do everything you can to get out – to free yourself – as quickly as possible.

Pay it all off. Once free, you will be amazed at the heavy burden you once carried. You’ll realize the energy it devoured to move and breathe within your financial bondage.

You can be ecstatically free of debt – if you fight for it with your whole heart. How joyful will your life be, with improved sleep, more time, better relationships, an exciting array of new choices, and the exhilaration of true financial freedom — including the freedom to BE — and the blessed freedom to GIVE. 

The lightness of financial freedom is possible for you. Dig deep. Free yourself from the crushing net of debt.  And never – ever – open that door again.

My recommended reading list: For amazing financial wisdom, each day of the month, read that day’s corresponding short chapter from the Book of Proverbs/Old Testament. (i.e., on the 6th day of the month, read chapter 6. There are 31 total chapters.). For incredible pay-off motivation, read The Richest Man in Babylon, by George S. Clason. For Biblical financial empowerment, read Your Money Counts, by Howard Dayton.