About The Trusted Author

God-sized strategies for God-inspired dreams…

The Trusted Author™ is your Strategist, Encourager, Ambassador and Leader for some of life’s noblest adventures.  We provide strategic, heaven-infused, break-through systems for encouragement of God-inspired dreams on a host of subjects including marriage, business, home-life, wealth, love, diet and beauty.

God-inspired dreams require God-size strategies, and that is exactly what we offer via books and member blogs delivered personally to your inbox.  We will help you replace old, worn challenges with thrilling new break-through victories.  For each subject you choose, you’ll also learn “side-bar” secret strategies such as how to outwit your detractors (most especially yourself), how to be unfazed by outer resistance (by becoming more powerfully inner-directed), and how to know and please God.

Possibility hovers over your future.  With books, blogs and Bible in hand, you’re going to have smart, God-inspired tools to richly enhance this precious life you have been given.   You are not alone.  We’ll provide a trusted path to courage and confidence.

Get ready.  Get set.  Go!  With new insights and understanding, you’ll be empowered to strive toward the wonderful, worthy life you haven’t yet dared to dream.  Expect to be filled with a new peace that passes human understanding, and to delight in unexpected “joy-moments” that seem to light on your heart like a butterfly.

Do you dare take your life-stewardship to the next level?